Whitchurch–Stouffville is governed by a mayor and a city council of six councilors, with one councilor representing each of the six municipal wards. The Mayor of Whitchurch–Stouffville also sits on the York Regional Council. On October 25, 2010, Wayne Emmerson was re-elected mayor of Whitchurch–Stouffville.

Wayne Emmerson – Mayor
(905) 640-1910 ex. 227
Councillor Ken Ferdinands – Ward One
(905) 640-1910 ex. 700
Councillor Phil Bannon – Ward Two
(905) 640-1910 ex. 701
Councillor Clyde Snith – Ward Three
(905) 640-1910 ex. 702
Councillor Susanne Hilton – Ward Four
(905) 640-1910 ex. 703
Councillor Richard Bartley – Ward Five
(905) 640-1910 ex. 704
Councillor Rob Hargrave – Ward Six
(905) 640-1910 ex. 705

Two York Region District School Board trustees are elected to represent Whitchurch–Stouffville and East Gwillimbury (one English language and one French), as well as two trustees for the York Catholic District School Board (one English language and one French). School board trustees are elected at the same time, and on the same ballot, as the mayor and city councilors.

In 2008, 94.4% of Whitchurch–Stouffville residents were either satisfied or very satisfied with the overall quality of life in the Town of Whitchurch–Stouffville. In a major community survey, close to 30% of the respondents described the town as fine, good, nice, great, or pleasant; more than half of the respondents like the community or small town feel, while 46.3% enjoyed the friendly neighbourhoods. The most important municipal issues indicated by residents in 2008 were the need to improve the road system; traffic issues; increasing urbanization and overcrowding; land use development and sprawl; and the cost of living (including taxes and user fees) in the town. Environmental protection, including environmental assessments for new development and natural preservation measures, was identified as matter of high importance by residents, but low on a scale of satisfaction. In the hamlet of Musselman’s Lake, 72% of residents in 2009 were concerned about the environmental health of the lake and the surrounding community. All municipalities in York Region except Whitchurch–Stouffville have an active Environmental Advisory Committee; the town of Whitchurch–Stouffville dismantled its committee after the municipal elections in 2006.

Town Hall is a rented facility on 37 Sandiford Drive in Stouffville. A new building was purchased in 2010 at 111 Sandiford Dr., and the anticipated move-in date is Summer 2011.


At the provincial level Whitchurch–Stouffville is in the Oak Ridges-Markham riding. Since 2007 this riding has been represented at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario by Helena Jaczek, a member of the governing Ontario Liberal Party.


At the federal level Whitchurch–Stouffville is in the Oak Ridges-Markham riding. Between 2001 and 2006, the number of voters in this riding increased by 52.8%–more than any other riding in Canada, and only slightly behind Brampton West for the worst representation by riding population in the country. Since 2008, the Oak Ridges-Markham riding has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada by Paul Calandra, a member of the governing Conservative Party of Canada. In 2009, Calandra introduced Bill C-431, “An Act to change the name of the electoral district of Oak Ridges—Markham”; the proposed new name is Markham—Stouffville—Oak Ridges—King.

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