Lincolnville GO Station is a train and bus station in the GO Transit network located in Whitchurch-Stouffville, Ontario in Canada. Lincolnville is the northeastern terminus of train service on the Stouffville line.

The station opened on September 2, 2008 after some delay; it had initially been projected to open the preceding June. The station was referred to by the provisional name of Stouffville North before adopting the Lincolnville name and LCGO code partway through construction.

Lincolnville station was built to relieve the line’s previous terminus, Stouffville GO Station located in Stouffville proper, which could not expand its parking and had limited bus interchange capabilities. Constructed next to the existing Stouffville layover facility at 10th Line and Bethesda Road., Lincolnville station cost $5.5m and extended passenger service approximately 3 km further from Union Station in Toronto. The station’s park-and-ride catchment includes much of the municipality of Uxbridge, and it is seen a precursor to eventual GO Train service to the townsite of Uxbridge proper. In 2010-2011, 410 additional parking spots will be built as well as a bus storage facility and crew centre.

Fare for a one-way trip from Lincolnville to Union is $7.55 as of September 2010.

Historically, Lincolnville is the name of a hamlet which was located at the corner of Bloomington Road and Highway 47 (Old Concession 10 Road), divided between the townships of Uxbridge to the east and Whitchurch to the west.

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