Food Bank Challange fills dump truck with donations

Leave it to LaFarge Canada to try and fill a dump truck with 5 tonnes of food.  And they did just that – and more – Friday afternoon.

Derek Freemantle (left) of the Uxbridge Loaves and Fishes Food Bank, Whitchurch-Stouffville Mayor Wayne Emmerson and Marion Wells and Jean Lanta of the Whitchurch-Stouffville Food Bank, watch as Stouffville's Lafarge Canada collect over 7 tonnes of donations for local food banks in their "5 Tonne Challenge."

The construction and aggregate company wrapped up the “Lafarge 5 Tonne Challenge” on Friday with the official weigh-in at the their Stouffville location on the York-Durham Line.  The Challenge was a two week food drive in the Stouffville and Uxbridge area with a goal of reaching 5 tonnes of food and donations.

The food drive brought in 7.03 tonnes of food and goods, all weighed on the large scales at their Stouffville plant. In addition to the food, over $14,315.00 in financial donations was also received.

“This was a great team effort within the community,” said Calvin Benchimol of LaFarge. “It was an ambitious target but we made it.”

The donations will be given to the Whitchurch-Stouffville Food Bank and the Uxbridge Loaves and Fishes Food Bank.

“This is incredible,” said Marion Wells of the Whitchurch-Stouffville Food Bank. “Heaven has arrived!”

The donations came largely from four local community events – the Stouffville and Uxbridge Santa Claus Parades and two free skates held at the local arenas in late November.

Parish Lanes in Uxbridge, sponsors of the Challenge, also issued a Day Care Challenge to local day cares.  The day care who raised the most received a free party at the bowling lanes for all staff and kids.

Stouffville’s WhiStle Radio covered the event live on Friday afternoon.

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