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Jean-Baptiste Lainé or Mantle Site?

In 2002, at the time of excavation, it remained common practice to name sites after the recent landowner. The “Mantle Site” name was registered in the Ontario Archaeological Sites Database and published in archaeological research. This name continues to be used in academic research for this reason, however, it is now common practice that ancestral sites be named by the appropriate Indigenous peoples who historically inhabited the site.

The Site name was officially changed in 2011 and reclaimed in honour of decorated Second World War Wendat Veteran, Jean-Baptiste Lainé (1918-2005).

Lainé was a veteran of the Régiment de la Chaudière. His service began under the National Resources Mobilization Act in 1940. In 1942 he joined the No. 5 District Depot, the Royal Canadian Army Service Corp (RCASC). He was qualified as a Motorcyclist (1943) and a Radio Operator (1944).

For his service, Jean-Baptiste Lainé received the War Medal 1939-1945, the Voluntary Service Medal, and the Defence Medal. He returned to Canada from England in 1946 after having spent four years in the army.