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In Stouffville, there are sixteen 18-hole courses, plus two executive 9-holes courses, within 9 golf clubs. Our courses represent varying ages of development, from 1960 to 1999, with the majority being built in the 1970s. All of our courses are located on the Oak Ridges Moraine, with the exception of Meadowbrook Golf Club, which is just south of the moraine. Almost half of the courses in Stouffville – or 8 of 18 – are classed as private.

For a sense of intimacy and prestige, consider joining St. Andrew’s East Golf & Country Club – there are only 375 members. Spring Lakes Golf Club, with 54-holes, is the largest private club in Canada; they offer exclusivity at a value price. For those that favour “heritage courses” within mature landscape settings – Meadowbrook Golf Club and Sleepy Hollow Country Club were the first two courses built in the Stouffville area (1960). Admittance to five private courses is enabled with a ClubLink membership: two at Station Creek Golf Club and three at Emerald Hills Golf Club.

The public courses include three at Rolling Hills Golf Club (also ClubLink) and the Ballantrae Golf Club. Rolling Hills boasts a convenient location to major highways. Ballantrae Golf Club has the best reviews regarding pace, which is important – no one desires a 5-hour round of golf or to receive return credits when things go wrong. Royal Stouffville is the only hybrid course, offering public access and membership at the same time.

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