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Hammett’s Holm

This small German hamlet was once located at the intersection of McCowan (7th Line) and Stouffville Road. It was 1 ¼ miles west of Ringwood. This community consisted of a store and post office. The school classes were held in homes (where students spoke only in German). A cemetery is shown on the 1855 McPhillips map on lot 35 Con 6. This is the only evidence of the community left. There was a memorial stone found close by with the name Robinson on it. The post office was opened in Jan 1, 1865 and closed only shortly after because the postmaster moved away in 1869. The postmaster was James Hammett. He was a Baptist minister who served the Second Markham Church (now Springvale) at Kennedy a mile to the west. He, his first wife Jane, and some children are buried there.