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Artephile Stouffville Picture Framing

Artephile offers a curated selection of picture frames selected from the best suppliers in the industry. We can help you choose design framing options that will not only work well with your art, but will also compliment your own style and décor. We specialize in conservation framing, only using acid-free and the highest grade of materials, so that your treasured pieces will last a lifetime. We take pride in being up to date with framing design trends and new products and materials. We use utmost care whether framing a cherished family photograph, your children’s artwork, a diploma, autographed memorabilia or an original work of art. You can bring your framing projects to us with complete confidence.

The front of the store features an eclectic mixture of giftware and home décor. I carefully chose unusual and distinctive giftware that appeals to my love of pattern and colour. I bring items that I find personally interesting and artistically appealing. My giftware needs to be beautiful and of the best quality. If I would put it in my own home, I bring it into my store. I believe that the objects we surround ourselves with matter, so I strive to order from Canadian suppliers and local artists. The front of the store is a constantly evolving environment. I let my intuition be my guide.

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