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Georgio’s Pizza & Grill

A welcome new addition to Ballantrae, Greek-owned Georgio’s Pizza & Grill is serving up homemade pizzas, burgers, souvlaki and more. Take out only.

“We have visited this place about 4 or 5 times in the last month or so and we are very happy with our experience. The customer service is great! Our favourite meal is the chicken souvlaki dinner with village salad. The food tastes authentic and is always so fresh! The portions are great as well. It has become one of our favourite places to order from. Thanks so much, Georgio’s Pizza and Grill! I will be recommending you to our family and friends.”

“Georgio’s was so great the first time around, we ordered from them again this time for a birthday dinner. The portions are large!  The chicken was perfectly charred, juicy and not a bite of fat. Their potatoes are the best Greek potatoes I have ever tried. They are perfectly seasoned and melt in your mouth. Can’t say enough good things about our new favourite restaurant. My family and I highly recommend this place.”

“The chicken alfredo pasta, let me tell you, will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF, hands down this is a go to here. It totally shocked my wife and me. I asked if it was frozen or fresh and they told me it was made fresh daily and indeed, you could taste it. Rich and creamy, the chicken was marinated well and cooked to perfection.”

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