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Velvet Sunrise Coffee Roasters

Whether you’re already a full-time coffee geek like us, or you’re simply searching for a better cup of coffee, we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Velvet Sunrise celebrates all of the intricate details that affect the fragrance, the flavour, and the freshness of coffee. Obsessing over the precision of every coffee they source, roast, brew, and serve, Mark & the team at Velvet Sunrise want to deliver to you the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had. It’s all a matter of the attentiveness that’s given in every single step of the way.

A great cup of coffee starts at the source. The source of each coffee bean we roast are green beans. Our green coffee beans mainly come from farmers who hand-pick, process and dry the coffee cherries. Our farmers’ toil and determination ensure that your cup of coffee starts it’s delicious journey to you.

Our coffee roasting starts with a close examination of the green beans. Checking the moisture content, density and grade upon arrival confirm that the coffee has survived the transport process intact. Next, coffee is sample roasted and carefully cupped to determine a baseline reference. We are trial roasting multiple batches at different profiles to look for sweetness, balance, complexity and the uniqueness of origin.

Volatile aromatics are captured by fast cooling in our state-of-the-art roaster and coffee is packed and sent out within hours of roasting.

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