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York County Bowmen

Located just north of the city of Toronto, York County Bowmen has been home to hundreds of archers for over 50 years. Whatever your type of bow and style of archery, you will find yourself at home at our diverse facilities. Club members are able to use the facilities 24/7/365.

You can become part of our trusting community, too, practicing & developing your archery skills and enjoying comradery with your fellow members.  All we ask is that members be safe, clean up, follow the rules & regs, help out when able and respect all other archers regardless of their skill level and equipment style.  Our club has enjoyed over 50 years of cooperative operation, run by volunteers for the benefit of current members and future archers in the next 50 years.

Membership at YCB is very simple and affordable. If you think about it the membership works out to be $0.80 a day for an adult membership. What else can you do that offers year-round access, good friends, fresh air and exercise for such a low price?

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