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York Equestrian Riding School

At York, we strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment that fosters a love and learning of horses. Our approach to teaching the sport of riding follows three principles: staying safe, time in the tack, and setting goals.

Rider safety and comfort are found in every aspect of our program with certified instructors, well-trained school horses, maintained equipment, and a secure environment. A safe, happy rider is ready to learn!

Our time-tested curriculum style program builds riders from the ground up, covering all aspects of riding throughout the semester. Lesson plans are designed to improve and challenge a rider’s skill at any level. Our focus on horsemanship develops not only riders but equestrians, who learn and care for their equine partners.

We preach consistency and dedication as vital components for success. Nothing beats time in the tack! To help our riders reach their goals, we maximize their lesson time and are happy to offer additional riding opportunities and programs.

John Skey is the Owner/Operator and Head Coach. John is a certified Level 2 Equestrian Canada Coach who is well known in the equine community for his commitment to educating both horses and riders. As a coach, he continues to lead students to horse show success on the ‘A’ circuit while training promising young horses for show careers. In the riding school, John is a familiar face and always has time to share his horsemanship knowledge with students.

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