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Well Plus Pharmacy

coming to Stouffville


Mina Twfic and his wife Marianne bought a house in Stouffville five years ago. They wanted to settle into a community that would be good for raising a family. Their daughter is now 18 months old. Mina immigrated to Canada from Egypt in 2008. Mina graduated from German University in Cairo on Pharmacy & Biotechnology studies. When he arrived here, he lived in Markham and worked in Beaverton, often passing through Stouffville. “I love this city,” he said, “it is a great place to live.

He had a dream of opening a pharmacy here in Stouffville but struggled for years to find a location in a shopping mall or plaza.

“I know the owner of every plaza by now, but I could never find a spot. This time I did not push, I let it work God’s way,” recounted Mina. It worked. He landed Unit 5 at 5402 Main Street – the same building as Stakeout, Domino’s Pizza and Popeyes. Despite the challenges created by the pandemic, Mina realized his dream when he opened Well Plus Compounding Pharmacy. “My wife helps me with the design of everything,” said Mina, “she backs me up always when I need her. And I wouldn’t even have done any of this without my Parent and Brother’s help and support.”

There are a lot of pharmacies in Stouffville, but Well Plus Compounding Pharmacy, as the name indicates, is a pure compounding pharmacy that can do everything that is needed. “Compounding” is a preparation of a custom medication that is geared to fit a unique need of a patient, which usually is not commercially available. Medicine can be compounded for medical reasons, such as changing a tablet to liquid, or to avoid an allergy, or providing an exact dose and all hormonal replacement therapy. Compounding may also be done for optional reasons, such as the preference of flavor or texture, or to satisfy a dietary restriction.

“We can supply tailored 1-to-1 service that is rare with big commercial pharmacies. People can come here and talk about their pain, diabetes, high blood pressure or addiction, or the side effect of a medicine, or the challenge of administering medicine to a child – we have solutions,” he said. Mina we provide free delivery, every day seniors discount, home health care supplies and Natural health supplements. Also, he adds that he lives locally, after hour emergency needs can easily be fulfilled, just email your request to

The unit that Mina leased has space for 3-4 Doctors. Usually, a family doctor opens an office and then seeks to attract a pharmacy, but Mina is doing it in reverse. “I think what Stouffville needs is access to specialties, like pediatrics or endocrinology. This is my dream, but also Family doctors on this side of town would be a great asset to our neighborhood,” said Mina.

Mina concludes with – “Well Plus does not have to be seen as competition for the other pharmacies, but as a resource for them to serve their clientele better – we can be an outsource for any pharmacy or doctor.”

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