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Let’s Get Dressed Now


Renée Lindo is the power behind Let’s Get Dressed Now, a one-stop location of style. Renée left the corporate world where she had been a national sales director to launch a business endeavor in Stouffville. This November will be her 2nd anniversary since the launch. Let’s Get Dressed Now is a Personal Styling service created to meet professional women where they are and guide them on their journey to their most confident and fabulous selves. The styling service is coupled with a boutique offering a carefully curated selection of stylish, fun and sophisticated clothing for the busy career woman.

Why is style important? First impressions matter. Like it or not, people make decisions about us in the first few seconds of meeting us.

They decide if we’re competent, trustworthy, confident, if they’re going to do business with us, and so much more. So it’s important to get it right the first time.

“I guide professional women on their style journey so that they can show up as the best version of themselves. My services help women save time and increase confidence by creating polished and functional wardrobes, allowing them to attract career-building opportunities.


Through 1:1 sessions I help women get a handle on their closet, learn to dress their unique body shape and create wardrobes that they love. I also help women shop intentionally and save money by choosing clothing that highlights their assets and minimizes areas they aren’t as comfortable with,” says Renée.

“I am passionate about helping women show up as their most authentic selves and believe when your outward appearance is aligned with who you are on the inside, you become magnetic. You can see the transformation right away, their energy and vibe becomes next-level. You control the narrative. We don’t think enough about our personal brand,” added Renée. Let’s Get Dressed Now offers an 8-week style coaching program “Your Style Story: Mastered”.

We all have a story, and the way we show up is our style story.

It’s how we communicate who we are to the world. Renée created this framework to help women craft a confident and consistent style story. This allows your image to align with the value you offer and your personal brand.

I was introduced to Renée by Anna Trokova. Anna said, “Renée, since David isn’t in charge of himself, maybe you can help out some Men as well.” Anna passed away a few months later, a shock to many in the community. Somehow the wheels fell off the wagon, Renée and I didn’t speak for another year. Renée reached out during COVID, ironically within a few days of the anniversary of Anna’s passing.

Renée has adapted her business, delivering training to corporate and one-on-one clients on how to show up professionally in the virtual space, elevating their personal brand with style, and other topics. Her services are all available virtually. You can get her “style eyes” in your closet, shop her recommendations to increase versatility in your closet and enjoy your personalized outfit lookbook, all from the comfort of your couch.

Renée is Jamaican by birth. She acquired American citizenship, having lived in Atlanta and attended university at Pennsylvania State. She immigrated to Canada in 2004 and moved to Stouffville in 2006. She and her family are pleased with Stouffville – “People are friendly, I have church here, my kids walk to school, my husband rides his bike and enjoys Red Bulb, I can do everything I need here: local dentist, Pho Basil, Leisure Centre…” said Renée.

“I support busy women balancing family and advancing careers, trying to live their best lives. I know these women, I am that woman as well,” concludes Renée. For readers of this article, Renée is offering A guide to dressing their body shape free at:, and for women who are serious about elevating their style, a free 30-minute style consultation, which they can book here: More information about Let’s Get Dressed Now can be found at:

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