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Nature’s Gifts And Organic Spa


Nature’s Gift and Organic Spa opened in Downtown Stouffville last April. I met with and pre-interviewed Janice Patera, spa owner and Ballantrae resident, when she opened, but really wanted to give her a chance to settle in before featuring the establishment in OTR. The space has matured nicely over the summer. The front of house entry room, reception and spa retail space is naturally bright with a good view of Main Street. On one side is a well-crafted reception desk made from different wood materials with a wooden backdrop on the wall. Katherine is sitting at the desk. She’s warm, friendly and young, and as it turns out, a member of our Whitchurch horse-culture.

A doorway leads into the spa area. The door is shut and has a sign stating, ‘spa is in use’. I saw a gentleman go in there shortly after I arrived, presumably for a lunch-time spa treatment or rejuvenation break.

Nature’s Gift and Organic Spa, as a business, has five-elements: Spa, Medi-Spa, Wellness, The Salt Cave, and the Spa Retail Area. The Spa includes organic facials, body wraps, and microdermabrasion. The Medi-Spa is all about improving skin and removing wrinkles and hair through various techniques. The Wellness area includes osteopathy, counselling, acupuncture, meditation and RMT massage therapy.

The Salt Cave is all about Salt Therapy, also known as halotherapy. With the help of a salt generator and over 11 tons of Himalayan salt they have endeavored to recreate the healing microclimate of the ancient underground salt caves. Himalayan Salt is rich in negative ions and minerals. During a salt room session, negative ions are absorbed into the body by breathing the saturated air into the lungs. The salt is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. During your 45-minute session, you will relax in comfortable chairs, listen to soothing music, and breath air that is saturated with 84 minerals and trace elements.

Currently, the RMTs and the aesthetician are the leading draw at Nature’s Gift and Organic Spa, followed by the Salt Cave, but it’s early on – a four-month measuring stick is short. The fifth element, the Spa Retail Area, is organized and full of earth friendly organic products. Almost all products originate in Ontario, with exception to products such as Himalayan Bath Sea Salts – a half bag in your bath is supposed to be the equivalent to a 3-day detox.

In the retail area there are all-natural products for face and body, including all-natural peels, essential oils, natural suntan lotions and mosquito repellents. There’s Krystal jewelry made in Uxbridge, Karamella Designs jewelry from Brooklin, Purple Lotus handcrafted necklaces from Markham, and glass friendship balls and birdfeeders made in Fergus. There are smudging materials from various Reserves, spirit animals for meditation, incense from the Danforth, natural soaps made in Penetanguishene, and a variety of candles and bees wax products from Oshawa and Collingwood. Finally, there are Juice Plus+ products and a unique Tower Garden product that grows vegetables and herbs vertically, inside or out.

The coolest part of this visit was having Janice and Katherine tour me around explain what everything is and what it is used for. The side conversation was educational. I highly recommend taking that tour. We will revisit Nature’s Gift and Organic Spa for Christmas shopping to see how everyone can Gear Up.

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