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**The Women of King Cole



About Family

King Cole Ducks is Canada’s largest duck producer. From their farm in Stouffville, duck is being enjoyed by customers in the Middle East, Tahiti, USA as well as here in our own back yard. Their farm fresh store, located at 15351 Warden Avenue, is open 7 days a week, offering fully-cooked products such as smoked duck breast, Roast Half a L’Orange, and confit roasted legs. Ready-to-cook products are plentiful, including whole duck and boneless duck breasts, and Duck Spiedini (tender meat skewers).

King Cole has four generations of family involved in the business. How do they get along? Here are some random quotes from the Women of King Cole: “We do a Sister’s Supper once a month to discuss business, family, sister stuff, difficult issues, and re-connect the silos.”

“We actually like each other. We work a lot, but everyone pitches in, extended family comes out – we’ve nurtured that. We are planning a 110 kilometer walk together this fall in Coboconk.”

“Family is incredible. We have fun. We work together and play together. Our vacations together are fantastic. We are not quite ready to pass the torch yet.

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